June 25, 2017

Girls Rock Camp North is a new project that I’ve spearheaded with the amazing Jill Wagg and Maddy Wilson, and we are really excited to provide a platform for building not only musical and technical skills in self-identified girls and gender fluid youth, but for building a climate of empowerment, self-advocacy and community in our campers!


Applications for campers and volunteers are open, please check it all out at!


April 26, 2017

Still doing the radio show at CFUR 88.7FM in Prince George, check it out here: 

In other news, some friends and I started up a Girls Rock Camp in Prince George, follow us on Facebook HERE for news and details on that! Empowering young women, weehoo!

In other other news, I’m recording again! It’s true! It feels good to get these songs out before they calcify and turn into fossils. Not sure of release date yet, sometime this year!

In the last of the news, Winter is FINALLY over and I can’t wait to catch some festivals this Summer! So far, I am playing at the quickly growing Hootstock Festival, the super fun Midsummer Festival and the legendary Artswells Festival! I am so excited to return to Midsummer and Hootstock as a performer, and make my stage debut at Artswells!

February 4, 2016

So, I do this radio show thing, at CFUR 88.7FM. If you’re bored and want to hear me spout off and spin good music, check this out:

January 25, 2016

NEW VIDEOS UP! Check out these recent live performances of ‘Miles’ (off of Songs From the Spider Den, Volume One, and ‘Burn Out’ (a ditty written a few years back, to be re-released on the forthcoming album)!