About Face

Last night I had the pleasure of playing a show at The Port Grocer, a cafe/pub/grocery store in Port Medway, Nova Scotia. It is in a beautiful centenarian building which also houses the local post office, art gallery and yoga studio. I stayed in an apartment that they have upstairs next to the yoga studio and awoke this morning to the smell of fresh baking and the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen. Today I will check out the local beach before I hit the road, and, according to The Port Grocer’s sweet owner, Annabelle, all I have to do to get there is “walk across the graveyard over there and head down the hill”. What a great way to spend my last day in the maritimes.

PEOPLE HERE ARE SO DAMN NICE IT’S SURREAL. The maritimes truly lived up to their reputation as strangers came out of the wood work, every single place I went, to give me an encouraging smile and offer their help along my journey. I leave this area of the country feeling physically and mentally renewed, and downright spoiled.

Today is the day where I turn around and start heading back the way that I came, and this point of every tour is always bittersweet. Knowing that I’ve left the majority of the gigs behind me as I criss-cross Westward back to British Columbia, the tour’s end is coming as slowly as a freight train, and Winter plans have yet to be made. I’ve been on the road for over two months now, and with less than a month to go, I already feel nostalgic about the weeks past.

I look forward to spending the next few weeks chasing Autumn across Ontario and stopping to play some great gigs along the way, while I hatch a plan for the coming Winter.