Van Living

At the beginning of this month, I made one of my dreams come true: I bought a tour van and started living in it! I liquidated almost all of my worldly possessions and left the Spider Den for good, with a nostalgic tear in my eye. I love being mobile, and I am enamoured with the road life, so to switch to this lifestyle kind of fits like a glove. The only possession I passed off with a little hesitance was my beloved gold Ford Taurus station wagon, Gilda. What a chariot she was. But alas, I do not need two vehicles, so I’ve committed full time to Flo, my van. It’s been a great first few weeks with her, she definitely feels more and more like home as I adjust her cabin to meet my needs. Another exciting thing that has happened this month is that I’ve released Songs From the Spider Den, Volume Two (The Bukowski Songs). I have grown to love some of the works of Bukowski so much over the years, that I wanted to interpret his work in my own voice (see below). With that release is the close of the chapter of The Spider Den, and I look forward to writing the next one on Highway One during my travels across Canada this Summer.