The Spider Den

So I’ve lived in this little basement suite for the past year, and it’s been the place that I play, write and record music. It’s super cute, right downtown, and infested with spiders. So many spiders. Initially, I would smash dead any spider that caught my eye, but eventually I just started to feel like an asshole. A couple months in, I made peace with the spiders and it’s been harmonious ever since. They do laps around my pedal board when I play and don’t crowd me when I sleep. All good. I now affectionately refer to my suite as the Spider Den, and this is where my new EP was written and recorded, hence the title “Songs From the Spider Den, Volume One” (now available for listening and to download). The funding from sales of the EP will help fuel an epically long tour that I’ve just started booking, so if you like it put a ring on it. Or something like that.